Miami Is Better Than Your Shit Hole

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This ballpark is amazing


No new friends huh Drake?

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Keepin it 3 Hunnit


I love how Lakers’ fans are so bitter on us.

Like who cares about you anyway? Your organization doesn’t. If they do, then they should be winning by now. Who are you by the way? Did we even play you on the Finals this season? Where were you on the picture again? I mean where were you on the playoffs? Why are you comparing yourselves to us when it’s obvious that you are a bunch of LOSERS because if you are not, then your should be winning BACK to BACK championships and has been in the FInals three seasons in a row now.

Just because you are so jealous of us doesn’t mean that you should make it obvious. You surely showed now how JEALOUS you are of our organization. Keep pulling us down because it goes to show that you are BELOW us. 


Love this


Birdman looked damn good holding that Eastern Conference Champion trophy but it doesn’t even come close to seeing him holding Larry!

2x NBA Champs

Dwayne Wade Congratulating His Knee

Congratulations to the Miami Heat for winning the
2013 NBA Championship

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